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Prototip v1

Our product has not been completed yet due to customs problems. Please be informed about updates by signing up to the waitlist below for updates.

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We are preparing 3 different models to be separated according to their strength.

​ ​

CSD-3 : 6NM

CSD-2 : 10NM


​ ​

When the customs clearance problems are resolved, the last stage of production will be completed and it will be put on sale after the testing process.

​ ​

As for the price, it will be determined after the customs costs of the parts to be used in production are finalized, but we can already say that; In our country, we are planning to compete on price with models that work with gear and gear+belt systems.

CSD bültenine abone olun
Lütfen bilgi almak istediğiniz modeli seçiniz.

Tesekkurler ! Aboneliginiz bize ulasti.

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