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CS1 Video Introduction

You can watch the promotional videos of our product here before all our social media accounts.

We will perform tests with vehicles of all classes and share them with you here. We will be writing to you about the notes we took during these tests or how we felt.

Mazda 787B - Lemans


With our CS1 Motion Simulator and HP Reverb G2, we did 4 laps, 2 nights and 2 days, on the Circuit de la Sarthe circuit in Assetto corsa simulation.

All the VR shakes you watch look very natural when you look through the glasses, but you can say that it shakes a lot when you watch it over the recording.

I'm sure you will realize it when you come and try it one day after the pandemic bans.

Hardness : 65 - 70%

Radical SR8 - Laguna Seca


It would be correct to say that the telemetry offered by the Iracing simulation is a bit more detailed than other simulations.

For example, they separated the telemetry information of rumble strips from other data and presented them. This shows that curbls can have very different physics and can generate their own telemetry.

This means that you can actually adjust the stiffness of the curbs in our CS1 Motion simulator.

Other simulations we know offer these telemetry: Automobilista 1 and 2 Rfactor 1 and 2 F1 2020 Forza Horizon 4...

Volkswagen ID.R Nordschleife

In this video, we focused on our product conveying track details to the driver.

This effect, which is called Heave in the system settings; It covers runway details, off-piste ground effect and all related vertical movements. Thanks to the cm-accurate details of the laser-scanned Nordschleife track, you can monitor how our system performs, divided into bends and straights.

Due to the difference between the suspension setting and the race line of the vehicle that achieved the record track time, some movements may not be fully reflected, but you can see that it is quite close.

Accident filter: 50%

Speed : 90%

Heave: 90%

Ferrari 488 GT3 - Nordschleife VR


If you are wondering how our Motion System is compatible with VR, this video will give you some idea. First of all, as someone who has experienced it, I must say that it adds another dimension to realism.

Since the accident and high strength filter is on, the reflection of some curbs on the motion system has been softened, you will be able to see it if you watch the video carefully. The settings of this filter can be easily adjusted according to your wishes. Vibrations in the cockpit are inevitable because the suspension structures and stiffness of real racing cars are very different from road cars. Although it is not clearly reflected in the video, you can see how the micro movements are reflected from the flickering of the image of the glasses.

For reference, you can check out this onboard image of the LMP2 tool at Sebring: or check out this onboard video of NM2255: .com/watch?v=OoWAtYg1US4&ab_channel=NM2255CarHDVideos

Hardness: 50-60% - You can see that the setting is low in Karussell. For comparison: You can check Karussell's performance in our previous videos. Crash filter: On You can see how it filters all the cockpit movements to prevent skidding in the crash that happened at 02:55.

Speed: 70%.

Lamborghini Huracan GT3 Evo ile Monza


A clip from the race with AI in the Lamborghini Huracan GT3 Evo. Although it is not very successful in driving, it has been shared to show the mobility and realism of the cockpit.

Accident filter: 50%

Speed: 80%

BMW M3 E30 Group A- Nordschleife


Compared to the vehicles in our other tests, we toured the Nordschleife with our Soft suspension BMW M3 E30 Group A and our CS1 Motion Simulator with 60% stiffness.

In some parts, you can see that the hardness filter kicks in and prevents the cockpit from swaying. You can change this hardness setting as you wish and create profiles specific to games and tools according to your own taste.

​ ​

We would like to say that the main purpose of this filter is to provide comfort in long endurance races, otherwise it will be considerably tiring, just like in the real vehicle.

​ ​

Accident filter: 70%

Speed ​​: 60%

Porsche 911 GT3 RSR 2017 - Nordschleife Turu attık


We conducted a test drive with the Porsche 911 GT3 RSR 2017 vehicle.

In this video, you can see that our accident prevention filter is activated for the first time. If you've studied the skid of the simulator in previous crash tests, you'll notice that it wasn't in our test drive.

This is because our filter system blocks high-strength movements. If you watch the accident that took place at 02:10, you can see that the filter activates and reduces the impact of the accident.

You can save your setups by creating special profiles for each game and vehicle with the software. So every time you enter the simulation, your settings are there for you.

Watching the Carraciola-Karussell bend and the Döttinger Höhe straight, please take a particularly close look at the agility and speed of our cockpit.

​ ​

Accident filter: 80%

Speed ​​: 75%

​ ​

Audi R18 E-tron Quattro 2014 LMP1, LeMans


We tested the Audi R18 E-tron Quattro 2014 LMP1 in Assetto Corsa simulation. We would like to say that our accident filter is at a medium level and the agility of our cockpit is around 70% in general.

Despite this, we would like you to try our cockpit, which can feel even the smallest bumps on the Mulsanne plain, one day.

You will be able to control all these effects in our cockpit, which can simulate almost all the effects that a real racing car produces on your body.

You can adjust the speed, range and agility of the effect you want.

​ ​

Accident filter: 70%

Speed ​​: 70%

​ ​

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